Camsoft Launches Early Technology Investment Firm

Camsoft Launches Early Technology Investment Firm


BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, July 23rd, 2020 – Camsoft Data Systems, a 28 year old technology firm, announced that it will become, in July 2020. a new technology investment firm, and will invest in start-up companies mainly in the United States, Latin America, and Canada,  with initial investments between $25,000 to $500,000.   Led by Carlo MacDonald, 30 year veteran and entrepreneur in the technology market, the company plans focus on initial seed capital for technology startups in IT, Wireless, Healthcare, Music & Entertainment, and Real Estate.

CamSoft has invested in Louisiana start-ups with cutting-edge technologies for nearly 30 years since 1992. As a member of the Louisiana IT technology community, the company has been helping these firms grow by providing a wide array of in-house technologies and human resources.  Experienced in growing IT services and Wireless Technology companies, CamSoft’s team of experts plans to expand its investments in startups that disrupt and change traditional business processes.

Going forward, CamSoft, with a newly created fund, will focus investments in start-ups that have unique business models or products and services that compliment the company’s existing business fields. Through these investments, as well as collaborating with these firms to explore new business opportunities, CamSoft looks to create new businesses that will drive its future growth and returns for its investors.

Camsoft Launches Early Technology Investment Firm

Camsoft Data Systems, Inc. buys Exigo Technology Services, LLC


BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, July 30th, 2020 – Camsoft Data Systems, a 28 year old technology firm, announced it has acquired Baton Rouge based Exigo Technology Services, LLC, in order to expand its investments into the IT Managed Services and Application Development space.  Exigo has been operating since 2012 as a leading managed services and application development firm in the South and Eastern part of the US.  Specializing in on premise and cloud infrastructure management as well as custom application development, Exigo continues to grow at exponential pace, positioning itself as a leader in its market areas.

Exigo has developed proprietary solutions to help customers manage IT Infrastructure, Security, Telecommunications, and User support.  By streamlining IT management, Exigo’s teams focuses on helping customers utilize new technologies to improve business processes.

“By bringing Exigo under the CamSoft umbrella of companies, will give us a presence in the MSP market, and ability to expand Exigo through acquisitions,” said Carlo MacDonald, president of CamSoft Data Systems,  “It also represents a further commitment to expanding IT Managed Services, and a foundation on which to establish growth in North America.”

The acquisition closed Monday and Exigo will continue to operate under the Exigo Technology Services, LLC brand with no changes to staff, locations, or partnerships.

About Exigo Managed Services™

Exigo Managed Services helps clients cost-effectively monitor, control, and proactively manage their IT infrastructure and applications by offloading a significant amount of their day-to-day IT responsibility to Exigo to optimize internal IT operations and mitigate risk. Services include Remote Monitoring and Management, User Service Desk, Managed Security, and UCilio™ Unified Communication.  Exigo has delivered Managed Services for more than 15 years to a wide range of clients across multiple industry verticals through its 24/7/365 Delivery Centers.

About Exigo Technology Services

Exigo is a 8-year-old leading technology solutions provider that helps clients Think DifferentExecute Differently, and Be Different in their respective markets through innovative use of technology. Through key relationships from top technology partners and expertise in key technologies including application development, cloud, security, and unified communications, Exigo provides powerful solutions to help clients modernize their infrastructure for the future. Originally founded in 2012, Exigo has delivery services teams serving a diverse set of clients in the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia-Pac. The Company is headquartered at 9100 Bluebonnet Center, Suite 303, Baton Rouge, LA  70809. For more information, visit, call 888-331-7047, or email

About CamSoft Data Systems

Camsoft is a 28-year-old technology services and investment firm specializing in IT services.  The company is now focused on growing its private equity investing in early stage technology firms in the IT, Healthcare, Wireless, Real Estate, and Music Entertainment industries.  The Company is headquartered at 9100 Bluebonnet Center, Suite 303, Baton Rouge, LA  70809. For more information, visit, call 2245-269-2731, or email