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Hacking The Hackers

In today's high capacity world, the need for anti-virus software is growing at a staggering rate. More and more viruses are being distributed through networks much like yours.

With Worms and Trojan horses being more powerful, the threat of mass distribution and destruction is high. This new type of virus can spread through networks quickly and undetected.

CamSoft Data Systems Virus Alert Team can accommodate many different types of networks. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide leading edge information and technology for protection against viruses that can cripple organizations.

Anti-Virus & Security Consulting

Our team of security consultants are here to assist your company in evaluating your current exposure to virus's and security breaches inside and outside your network. Using industry tools and applications to search and remove "holes" in your network as well as installing software to prevent them from happening again, you can rest assure your system will be well protected from hackers and viruses.

Emergency Virus Cleanup Taskforce

With new viruses and variants of existing viruses being continually written and distributed, it is not uncommon for even organizations having regularly updated anti-virus software to have undetected viruses spreading throughout the company and being passed externally through internet mail servers.

In order to minimize the spread and effects of such viruses, we can provide, at very short notice, a team of anti-virus professionals to move swiftly through the company's desktop computers, laptops and servers, eradicating all instances of viruses found.

Of course, in order to prevent immediate re-infection, up-to-date anti-virus software or drivers will be installed at the time of cleanup. To arrange an emergency cleanup, contact us with details of the virus and extent of possible infection.

Anti-Virus Training Seminars

Although the presence of up-to-date anti-virus software can do much to minimize the spread of computer viruses, informed users can also assist MIS departments by accurately reporting virus-like activity to the end of identifying and suppressing the spread of new, undetected viruses.

For organizations large and small we can provide effective presentations giving clear explanations to the computer user population regarding different types of computer viruses, how they spread, how they can be identified and how they can be stopped. We will also provide clear guidelines on what should not be done in the event of an outbreak and, after consultation with the company's security policy designers, give clear advice with hand-outs outlining the correct procedure to follow.

For IT staff having greater needs, such as security managers, MIS departments and system administrators, we offer more detailed training which will include hands-on training in the safe handling of a range of real, in-the-wild computer viruses. Instruction will also be given regarding the safe handling and containment of viruses and identification methods used to detect new, undetected viruses. Additionally, information and practical demonstrations will be given showing possible effects of legacy boot sector viruses on newer operating systems and correct procedures to aid successful recover

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CamSoft - Security

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