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Business Intelligence
The Power to your people

Business Intelligence uses technology to you gain business insight, with advanced reporting allowing you to make faster smarter decisions, and equip your employees to contribute to your growth

Gain insight into your business.
Sharpen your competitive edge with smarter, faster decision making.
Help each employee drive the success of your business.

Targit  Microsoft SQL Server

Gain Accurate and Timely Insight into Your Business
With the advanced offering, you can tailor your Business Intelligence solutions generate the information views that are most relevant to your data analysis requirements. Business Intelligence can be a critical element in defining your business strategy.

Instead of waiting for the busy IT department to generate a report of sales for a particular product in a specific region, you can generate your own report almost instantly. Rather than waiting for the end of the month to analyze the performance of your sales team, you can generate simple, effective analytical views at any time. You will be able to make sound strategic decisions in little time. Using Targit Analysis services CamSoft Data Systems is poised to deliver your data the way you understand it, giving you the power to react.

Business Intelligence includes pre-defined funBusiness Intelligence using Targit Analysis servicesctionality for frequently occurring reporting needs; it also enables you to define and easily modify OLAP information cubes to meet information needs specific to your business, or create new cubes based on these relationships.

Business Intelligence equips you to stay on top of your business at all times. With the Business Intelligence, you can set up the system to notify you by e-mail if crucial numbers change—for example, if your profit drops below a certain percentage.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Smarter, Faster Decision Making
Using the data stored in any backend system and utilizing SQL 2000/2005 data warehouse a business solutions deployment can help empower employees at multiple levels in your company to make confident decisions based on facts. You can involve the experience and contributions of a much larger group of employees in driving the company toward increased competitiveness.

Business Intelligence gives you and your employees a targeted view of your business that allows for clear overviews and quick comparisons whenever they are required. You can rapidly spot trends and identify weak areas and take immediate action. Because your colleagues can access all of the analytical views, you can share your insights, strengthen your arguments for a plan of action, and back decisions up.

Help Each Employee Drive the Success of Your Business
Your employees are experts in their fields—so it makes sense that they should interact with information that is critical to their roles simply and quickly, without having to get an intermediary involved. Business Intelligence is a highly practical tool that allows you and your employees to carry out report-writing tasks that were until recently the preserve of IT specialists. This saves time and money and gives key individuals the independence to get on with the job in hand.

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